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Do you need someone to translate your Chinese or Dutch documents or web content into clear, concise English?

Or perhaps you’re looking for someone to create engaging content for your company’s English-language website, blog, or social media channels?

As a professional wordsmith with an insatiable curiosity for language and cross-cultural communication, I pride myself on my writing skills and have made it my business to help you make your customers passionate about YOUR product.

Have I caught your interest? Then read on, explore this site, and find out what Kestrel Text & Translation can do for you!

Kestrel Text & Translation - Areas of Specialisation

Areas of Specialisation

While I relish the opportunity to expand my horizons and put my research, translation, and writing skills to the test, there are certain topics that I have written about extensively and consider my areas of expertise. These include:

  • Travel and tourism;
  • Archaeology and heritage preservation;
  • Food and cooking;
  • Animal care and welfare;
  • Language learning;
  • Video games;
  • Geek culture.

Kestrel Text & Translation: For Businesses and Individuals

Because I’m a small business owner myself, I’m all too aware of the challenges facing start-ups and entrepreneurs in today’s highly competitive economy. In a world where “content is king” and the wrong choice of words can cost you valuable customers, you’ll need a native English speaker to help you attract and engage with new audiences both at home and abroad.

Kestrel Text & Translation is dedicated to helping your company communicate with a wider, global audience, whether it’s by translating your marketing collateral into professional, polished English, fine-tuning your existing documentation, or creating tailor-made content for your English-language corporate website or blog.

Not a business owner? Not a problem.

I also offer a variety of translation, writing, and proofreading services for charities and non-profit organizations at competitive rates. If you need a helping hand getting your charity’s message across to an English-speaking audience or simply need a second pair of eyes to review your English-language website, my skills and time are at your disposal.

Kestrel Text & Translation

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