How It Works

Let’s say you have a document (or website) you’d like me to translate into English for you. Or perhaps you’d like to hire me to write some new content for your website, blog, or social media accounts. What happens next?

Step 1 – Fill out the quote request form or contact me during business hours to request a quote for your project. If you would like me to translate a document from either Chinese or Dutch into English, please send me the file(s) for review. If you’re contacting me about a copywriting project, a creative brief would be greatly appreciated. The more information you can give me, the easier it will be for me to give you an accurate quote and delivery deadline for your project!

Step 2 – I’ll take a look at your request and the files you’ve sent me and will either accept or turn down your request depending on my availability and the nature of the project. If I am able to take on your project, you’ll receive a customised, no obligation quote from me within 24 hours. I will also send you a copy of the general terms and conditions of my services for your reference.

Step 3 – Once you’ve received my initial quote, you will have 5 working days to accept or decline my offer. If you accept it, I’ll contact you via phone or email to discuss the deadlines, terms and conditions, and other specifications of the project.

Step 4 – I will then send out a formal quotation for you to review and sign. This will list the project fees and specifications and, once signed, will be treated as a binding contract. I will not begin working on your project until the formal quotation has been signed and returned to me so you will still have time to cancel (or renegotiate) your order without being charged a cancellation fee.

Note: Some clients prefer to send out their own purchase orders. I am happy to accept POs in place of my own formal quotations, though these contracts will not be binding until I have agreed to them in writing (usually in the form of an email).

Step 5 – OK, time to get down to business! I will begin working on your project and will keep you updated on my progress. Communication is key in this line of business so if you have any questions or concerns about the project, all you need to do is give me a call or send me an email.

Step 6 – The final copy will be sent to you for approval. You will then have 5 working days to notify me of any errors or complaints about the work delivered. If these claims are justified, I will make the necessary revisions free of charge and send the corrected work back to you as quickly as possible. If I don’t hear back from you within 5 working days, I’ll assume you’re happy with the finished product and sign off on the project.

Step 7 – Job’s done! The invoice and instructions for payment will be sent to you shortly after the final version has been delivered. Payment should be settled in full within 30 days of the invoice date (unless we agreed otherwise).

It’s as simple as that! If you have any questions about the workflow, feel free to get in touch.